Porro & C. draws up a catalogue for each sale organized in which the works, that will be offered for sale, are described and photographed. The works in the catalogue are presented in the form of individual sheets that describe the authenticity and attribution and which constitute an expression of critical opinion. All works may be inspected by the public during the exhibition that will precede the auction. Customers may contact our experts to get specific information on the works and an indication of estimate. Further information about a particular lot, should it be impossible for you to personally view the exhibition, can be requested from Porro & C., which will provide a condition report on the conservation status of each work in the sale. Porro & C. is also available to search for specific works to offer to its customers on the occasion of private negotiations.

How to participate in the auction:

Auctions are open to the public and usually take place twice a year (spring and autumn session) at our headquarters in Via Olona 2, Milan. You can participate in the auction using four methodologies: in room, telephone bids, written bids or online bids.

Registration forms may be submitted in person by presenting them in the days before the auction, that are dedicated to the exhibition of the works (usually 5 or 6 days before the auction date) or by mail or by fax to the reference contacts.

Auction Room

Participation in the room can be possible after filling out the form attached to the catalogue and that can be downloaded at the link below.

The form must be filled out and signed in all its parts and sent via mail or fax along with a photocopy of an identity document at least 24 hours before the start of the auction.

bids form

Telephone bids

In the event that the customer can not attend the auction in the room but still want to participate, Porro & C. will be pleased to offer its free telephone bid service. The auction house will contact the customer at the numbers given in the registration form during the auction; therefore we recommend to check the accuracy of given numbers and to possibly indicate two different reference numbers.

Telephone bids requests will be considered valid following to a written confirmation at least seven hours before the auction takes place. Porro & C. reserves the right to record telephone bids and does not assume, under any circumstance, any liability to the bidder should it be impossible to establish a telephone connection.

telephone bids

Written Bids

Written bids are to be considered valid when sent to Porro & C. well in advance of the auction time (at least 24 hours before) and when sufficiently clear and complete. In the event that Porro & C. receives more written offers of equal amount for the same lot and that they are the highest in the auction for that lot, the lot will be awarded to the person whose bid was first received by Porro & C.

written bids

Online Bids

You can participate to our auctions online by subscribing on our Web site: WWW.ARSVALUE.CO

Payment, collection and shipping

Payment of the lots will have to be made immediately after the auction is finished and no later than seven working days from the date of the sale. The following forms of payment will be accepted:

1. Bank draft payable to Porro & C Srl, subject to prior verification with the issuing institute.

2. Cheque current account payable to Porro & C Srl, upon agreement with the administrative office.

3. Bank transfer to: Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina 1, 20123 Milano c / c 12906/38 payable to Porro & C. Srl, IBAN IT36A0569601600000012906X38 Porro & C.

4. Cash up to 999.99 €.

Purchased lots will be available to customers at the auction site for collection the day following to the sale, after settlement of any amount due. As long as the purchased lot shall remain deposited in the office of Porro & C., the latter shall be relieved of any obligation of insurance. Shall the contractor request it in writing, or shall, at its undisputable option, Porro & C. deem to ensure the lot for the hammer price on behalf of and the expense of the contractor, the lot will be delivered to the successful tenderer only after fully reimbursement to Porro & C. of all costs of storage, shipping if necessary, insurance and any other expenses incurred. To collect sold lots you are kindly asked to contact our offices in Milan.

Porro & C. will ship purchased lots only when requested in writing by the contractor, upon full payment of the purchased lot and upon presentation of any export permissions required. Packing and shipment will take place at the expense and at the risk of the contractor. (In accordance with Art. 1737 ff. Civil Code). In no event Porro & C. accepts liability for the acts or omissions of the packaging and shipping company personnel. In the event of dispute over delivery delay, goods missing or damages occurred during transport, the contractor will contact the carrier or a representative. Any insurance coverage of the property on the road must be agreed solely between the successful tenderer and the carrier, without any liability for Porro & C. Such coverage will be integrally paid for by the successful tenderer.

For all that is not mentioned on this page, please refer to the conditions of sale that you can download hereafter.